If you require crew, or wish to crew within the 2017 Bartercard Sail Paradise Series, please leave your request below:

For further information please contact the Sailing Office via 07 5537 7030.

Should you wish to crew or require crew in the 2017 Club Marine Pittwater to Southport Yacht Race, please click here!

  1. Andrew Sharp

    I am available to crew any day.

  2. Daniel Robertson, 044 999 7157

    If anyone is short a hand for these races, I’m keen for a bit of the old “Ready… About!”.
    I’ve got plenty of crewing sea miles from younger days, (Pittwater to Melbourne; Eden to Triabunna; Mooloolabah to Cammeray; Brisbane to Cairns; Townsville to Lizard island, return); several seasons of Division 3 racing, (winter and summer series, season trophy included, a Spencer Serendipity 28, as I recall) out of RSAYS, Port Lincoln races.
    Full Disclosure: That was long ago, now I’m 61, (still nimble and competitive enough to take dinghy out on the River in South Brisbane Sailing Club races though, tricky sailing that), slight (62kg), but smart, observant and handy. Good in the galley, not queezy, have RMDL, takes orders. Male.
    So if anyone could use a bit of an an old salt to make make up the numbers for a start, I’ve got the time next week and the inclination for a bit of trimming, or just sitting on the rail, whatever. I can make time this week for trial/practice, if it’s that serious.

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